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KAP Newsletter – Country Action


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Welcome to the Knowledge Action Portal (KAP) newsletter – a biweekly summary of the community-driven platform for noncommunicable disease (NCD) information,
interaction and inspiration, hosted by the World Health Organization.
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‘Country Action’ Section

The ‘Country Action’ section of the KAP is an interactive map allowing users to discover countries who are committed to tackling NCDs through national, regional and global action. Focusing on the 194 Member States, this section gives a comprehensive overview of national, global, and regional NCD engagement in relation to multisectoral and multistakeholder action.

Access the ‘Country Action’ section with the following steps:

  1. Visit www.who.int/KAP
  2. Click the menu bar (found in the upper left-hand corner of the page) and select the ‘Country Action’ tab.
  3. Enlarge the map using the ‘plus’ sign cursor located in the top right corner.
  4. Narrow your search by using the ‘geotag’ icon located alongside the ‘plus’ sign curser to filter the map by WHO region.
  5. Select up to 5 countries and explore the various information provided for each, one by one, including sections on NCD snapshot (including data on demography, mortality and risk factors), national, regional and global multisectoral and multistakeholder action, alongside success stories.
  6. If desirable, select another country from the map or continue to enjoy exploring another section of the KAP.
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The recently established Community on Women and NCDs aims to promote gender equity and address the shift in the global burden on disease by looking at women and girls’ health and well-being throughout the life-course. To date, the Community on Women and NCDs has held its launch webinar, (found here), which was followed by a discussion within the KAP.

We are pleased to announce that the Community will hold its second webinar titled ‘Integrating NCD care with pre-conception and maternal health services’ which will take place on Wednesday, 29 May at 14:00 (Geneva) and will discuss how NCD care can be integrated into maternal and sexual health services to improve health across the life-course. Register for the Community webinar here
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We are pleased to announce our second public webinar – ‘Exploring the KAP – a community-driven platform’ – taking place on Thursday 6 June at 15:00 (Geneva). The webinar aims to guide our new and existing users with an in-depth look at the platform, including a step by step walkthrough of its functions and capabilities and discussion of upcoming plans for enhanced development.

As valued members of the KAP community, we look forward to engaging with you further. You can register for the webinar here.

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