Seasons Greetings and Update | IALP : International Association of Communication Sciences and Disorders (IALP) Seasons Greetings and Update – IALP : International Association of Communication Sciences and Disorders (IALP)

Seasons Greetings and Update

Dear Affiliated Societies, Members of Affiliated Societies, Individual Members and Supporters of IALP,

Seasons Greetings and Update

In my letter to you following my appointment in August I promised that I would keep you informed regarding the progress being made towards meeting the objectives of my presidency which are:

A. Improving knowledge of the impact of communication disorders.

B. Improving equity of

In order to achieve these objectives I stated that the following actions were necessary:

1. Change of Name.
The result of the recent ballot which has been confirmed by the notary.

The board will need to discuss the outcome at its meeting in February 2020.

2. Reducing costs of individual membership. There are ongoing discussions with possible sponsors and a favourable outcome with a new contract with Karger. But please do not hold your breath with regard to reducing costs of membership at the moment as more water needs to go under this bridge!

3. Improving communication within. I am looking forward to the new Board structure at our 1st reconstituted Board meeting in February which will include all Committee Chairs and representatives of Affiliated Societies. Thank you– to many of the chairs of our committees for stimulating increased communication between their committee members. We look forward to hearing your reports in February!

4. Working closely with other related organisations. Meetings have been held with people from several different sections in WHO to establish how we can work more productively with that organisation. I have been involved in 3 teleconferences and one physical meeting in Geneva to this

Furthermore, initial meetings with Comite Permanent de Liason des Orthophonistes- Logopedes de L’ue-(CPLOL), and discussions with Communication Therapy International (ICT), World Federation of Neurological Rehabilitation (WFNR) have explored how we can work more effectively together. We plan to share our main messages /objectives in order that we can support each other at the many different meetings we go to. Discussion with International Communication Project (ICP) has been booked for the early part of next year.

Seasons greetings!! Sincerely,

Pam Enderby OBE, PhD, DSc, MSc, FRCSLT