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Procedure: IALP Student Prize For Best FPL Publication


The Board has established an award for outstanding student research. Nominations for the award are papers that have been accepted for publication or have been published in Folia Phoniatrica et Logopaedica (FPL). The award is given for a published article in any area of research published in FPL, including:

Communication Disorders;
Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences;
Logopedics, Phoniatrics and Dysphagia.

The competition period for the award is the interval between IALP Congresses (e.g., 1 September 2013-December 30, 2015). One award per Congress cycle will be made.

Applicants for the award must be registered or have been a student when they authored the paper. Students include those working on undergraduate, graduate, or post-graduate (e.g., post-doctoral, medical residency) degrees. Recently-graduated students can apply, provided the paper is based on work done as a student. Applicants should be the first author on the paper.

To be considered for the award, the box must be checked that says, “My paper is eligible for the IALP Student Publication Award” when the manuscript is submitted at the FPL website –


Information will be published on IALP website three years ahead of the Congress year.
No later than February 15th of the year of the Congress, the Editor in Chief of FPL will assemble all papers submitted for the award and accepted for publication in FPL (or already published there), and forward them to the Associate Editors (AEs) of the journal
The Editor in Chief and AEs will read all papers eligible for the award (as discussed in the point above) and discuss their preferences for the best paper. Based on this discussion, a final decision will be made by the Editor of FPL and the AEs, no later than March 15.
The Office Manager (OM) will send the winner of the Student Prize a letter to notify him/her (see attachment).
The OM will inform the Congress Organisation about the name of the winner, his/her free registration, and ask the Congress Organisation to designate a time for an oral presentation of the work reported in the article. The winner needs to fill out the registration form and send it to the OM. The OM sends this form to the Congress organisers with the request to send an invoice to the IALP Treasurer for this registration, before the deadline of the early registration fee. The name of the winning student needs to be known at the Registration Desk.
The treasurer will bring 250 Euro to the Congress, to be given at the awarding
The Office Manager will bring the framed certificate of the Award, to be given at the opening ceremonies of the Congress.


The award consists of:

1. a certificate to be awarded during the forthcoming Congress;

2. bank draft for 250 Euros;

3. free registration at the forthcoming Congress (early bird registration always applies to the winner of the Award);

4. presentation of the winning article at the forthcoming Congress;

5. a link to the winning article at the IALP website.


Dr. Gary Weismer—USA

Karger Editorial Office

Ms. Lara Fuchs–Switzerland

IALP Office

Ms. Vanessa Borg—Malta