President’s Letter July 2020 | IALP : International Association of Communication Sciences and Disorders (IALP) President’s Letter July 2020 – IALP : International Association of Communication Sciences and Disorders (IALP)

President’s Letter July 2020

15th of July 2020

Dear Members,

Well we are living through challenging times which is bound to have had an impact on our families, the ways we work and the people that we serve. Despite this, it is important that we do not take our eye off the mission and vision of the International Association of Communication Sciences and Disorders (IALP).

The Executive Committee (EC) has met virtully 3 times this year (15th of April, 27th of May, and 8th of July). In previous years, the EC has usually met once a year. One of the positive aspects of the pandemic is adopting these new ways of working which should help us to move our agenda forward effectively and efficiently!

I have summarised some of the key issues/highlights in this letter to keep you informed.

  • Work with the World Health Organisation (WHO). It has been a very busy period for IALP working with WHO. We have participated in: 
  • Representing IALP at the World Health Assembly
  • Providing input to the Rehabilitation 2030 work programmes on

        rehabilitation competences and b) rehabilitation interventions

  • Promoting world hearing day 3rd of March 2020
  • Webinar development-initially dysphagia
  • WHO surveys— distributing through our committees. Many of these have been related to Covid and its impact on working in different countries. (Important that professionals working with clients with speech, language, communication, voice, and swallowing disorders have the opportunity of responding)


  • Update on Task Force for Underserved and Unserved Populations. Each of our 14 committees has identified an individual to serve on this Task force and each has identified a proposal of an area of importance to their subject area which is pertinent to improving support to underserved and unserved populations. I am grateful to the volunteers who act as a link between this Task Force and their committee. Work is continuing to ensure that the product is practical and coherent.
  • Update on Committee Activity. 3 committees have had their proposals for Composia, supported by IALP, accepted. These contain contingency plans related to the pandemic. These are : One Voice, to be held in Australia in March 2021; International conference on disability certification of persons with hearing impairment, to be held in India in August 2021 and Child Language Disorders: Activities, Participation, Collaboration, to be held in Cyprus in September 2021.

               Furthermore, some of the committees have submitted proposals for Karger’s Fast Facts          initiative and others have been working on updating the website resources and frequently asked questions. Committee chairs are continuing to review the content on the website and update this.

              I appreciate the time and commitment given by the committee chairs and their members.


Audio logo— a philanthropic trust has given us a grant of £41,000 to support the work of a PR company to initiate links with a telecommunication company and promote the development of a sound/tune app that can be used to indicate that an individual who is going to speak on the telephone has an unnatural way of speaking or is using synthesised speech. This project will collaborate closely with the International Communication Project (ICP) and other stakeholders.


  • IALP Triannual Conference in New Zealand 2022. Philippa Friary (the conference convenor) is Vice President for this term and is, therefore, a member of the EC and able to keep us informed with regard to conference planning and together, we are reviewing contingencies in light of the pandemic and implications for the budget.
  • Meeting with Member of the European Parliament. Our office manager Vanessa Borg met with Mr Alex Agius Saliba (MEP) who is the Chairperson of the European Hearing Health Forum. She had the opportunity of introducing the mission and vision of The International Association of Communication Sciences and Disorders explaining the importance of considering the needs of all of those with communication disorders not just of those with hearing disorders.
  • Reduction in Individual Membership Fee. A paper related to the ambition to substantially reduce the individual membership fee was discussed by the EC. It was agreed that this is an important ambition but such reduction should not place the organisation’s sustainability and financial stability in jeopardy. Discussions are ongoing.
  • Registration in Malta/IALP Banking Practices. Currently, IALP’s bank is in Switzerland and they have asked us to move our resources elsewhere as they are unable to support online fee payment which would be easier for our members. The fact that IALP is currently registered in the USA also presents a problem for our Swiss bank. To that end, it is possible that a bank in Malta (the home of our administrative office) would accept our business but it would be necessary to register as a voluntary organisation in that country beforehand. A lawyer has been instructed to assist. This matter is ongoing and updates will be provided.
  • 3 proposals for Fast Facts have been submitted to Karger for their consideration. Additionally, Karger is working on a new portal to facilitate the access by Affiliated Societies to their materials. The numbers of papers being submitted to Folia Phoniatrica et Logpaedia has increased.

I truly appreciate the selfless commitment of the many volunteers who contribute to our work.

Keep Safe!!

Best wishes, Pam Enderby

President Pamela Enderby OBE, PhD, DSc., FRCSLT

Prof of Community Rehabilitation, University of Sheffield

United Kingdom

President Elect Brian B. Shulman, PhD, CCC-SLP, ASHA Fellow, FASAHP, FNAP

Dean, School of Health and Medical Sciences, Seton Hall University USA

Office Manager Vanessa Borg