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A Better Start to Reading

Learn how to prevent reading problems in children and how to use the shared book reading context in the most effective way to support children’s early reading development. Course link

IALP Child Speech Committee Panel Series 2021-2022: What’s in a name? How should we describe and define speech sound disorder (SSD) in children and why does it matter?

Panel 1: SSD and DLD – Where do they overlap and where do they separate?

Panel 2: SSD and CAS – How should motor planning disorders be classified in children?

Panel 3: SSD and cleft palate – How differences in anatomy and physiology affect the way we label and describe SSD in children?

Panel 4: SSD and speech difference in diverse communities – Where should we differentiate?

Members only courses:

Mathews, T. (2020). Administering and scoring the Syllable Repetition Task. A Webinar produced by the Child Phonology Laboratory, School of Communication Sciences and Disorders, McGill University, to accompany the published tutorial:Rvachew, S., & Matthews, T. (2017). Using the Syllable Repetition Task to reveal underlying speech processes in Childhood Apraxia of Speech: A tutorial. Canadian Journal of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, 41(1), 106-126. Retrieved from

Auditory processing disorders intervention plan

Prof. Somia Tawfik

A Theory of Mind Framework for Understanding Autism and Social Communication Disorders

Dr. Carol Westby, PhD, ASHA Fellow

An international crosslinguistic project in typical and protracted phonological development: Clinical applications and a song

Barbara May Bernhardt, Ph.D. Joseph Paul Stemberger, PhD

Auditory processing disorder (APD)

Prof. Somia Tawfik

Motor Speech Disorder in Children

Maria Christopoulou, PhD

Assessment and Treatment of Dysarthria

,Pam Enderby MBE. PhD.