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KAP Newsletter

Welcome to the Knowledge Action Portal (KAP) newsletter – a biweekly summary of the community-driven platform for noncommunicable disease information, interaction and inspiration, hosted by the World Health Organization.

‘About’ Section
For those accessing the KAP for the very first time, or simply familiarizing themselves with its background and vision, the ‘About’ section is a one-stop-shop for clarity on what NCDs are, why the KAP exists, what the WHO GCM/NCD does, and answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs). Both seasoned veterans and those new to the NCD space alike will benefit from the useful information provided in this section.

To find the ‘About’ section follow these steps:

  1. Visit www.who.int/KAP
  2. Click the menu bar (found in the upper left-hand corner of the page) and select the ‘About’ tab.
  3. From the dropdown menu, select one of the following topics:
    – What are NCDs?
    – Why Knowledge Action Portal?
    – What is the GCM/NCD?
    – FAQs
  4. Explore the various resources provided in the selected page including the dropdown boxes, additional pages within the KAP and external weblinks.
  5. If desirable, select another topic from one of the four tiles at the top of the page or continue to enjoy exploring another section of the KAP.

The GCM Secretariat was pleased to highlight the KAP at the International Conference on Health Literacy for NCDs and at the WHO European Region Workshop on Health Literacy, both held this week in Lisbon, Portugal. Supported by WHO, the workshop focused on developing, implementing and evaluating health literacy initiatives across the WHO European Region in support of the prevention and control of NCDs. A comprehensive portfolio of National Health Literacy Demonstration Projects was presented, and the workshop discussed the launch of the WHO European Action Network on Health Literacy for NCDs – to accelerate learning and to scale up health-literacy-informed interventions at the national level in the region.



Following the official launch of the KAP, we are pleased to announce an upcoming webinar - ‘Exploring the KAP – a community-driven platform’ on Thursday 17 January at 15:00 (Geneva). The webinar aims to give an in-depth view of the platform, alongside providing step by step guidance on how to make the most of its various functions and capabilities.

As valued members of the KAP community, we look forward to engaging with you further.

Launch of the Knowledge Action Portal