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Honours & Awards

Honoured members


Prof. Dolores Battle
Prof. Mme S. Borel-Maisonny †
Prof. Katherine Butler
Prof. Lucio Croatto †
Prof. Helbert Damsté
Prof. Marie de Montfort Supple
Prof. Theodor Flateau †
Prof. Björn Fritzell
Prof. Emil Froeschels †
Prof. Ikuichiro Hiroto
Prof. Ichiro Kirikae †
Prof. Ernst Loebell †
Prof. Richard Luchsinger †
Prof. André Muller
Prof. M. Nasser Kotby
Prof. Jorge Perello †
Prof. Herman Peters
Prof. Harm K. Schutte
Prof. Svend Smith †
Prof. Ewa Söderpalm
Prof. Aatto Sonninen †
Prof. Mark Steer †


2016 Honoured Members


Mara Behlau

Mara Behlau

IALP member for many years.

Served as President of the IALP & member of the Board.

Chair & member of Voice Committee for decades.

Substantial contribution to promote IALP within Latin America, e.g. IALP Composium in Brazil in 2007.

Instrumental in promoting the collaborative work of phoniatricians and SLPs in the area of voice and its disorders.

Mentored  many Ph.D./postdoc  students.

Contributed significantly to clinical research in the area of voice disorders.


Kyoko Iitaka


Kyoko Iitaka

IALP member for over 30 years.

Served as a key member of the Education Committee for Logopedics for 2 terms.

Contributed several articles for Folia.

Pioneer in Japan and served as a professor in Speech Language Pathology at Sofia University  & assisted with the training of 100s of SLPs in Japan.

Continues to serve the special needs population in Japan & is a model and mentor for our profession.


Frantisek Šram

Frantisek Šram

Long-standing member of IALP &  Board member.

Influences the development of phoniatrics and voice science in the former Czechoslovakia (Czech Republic) & worldwide since 1960s.

Served for decades as Head of the Department of Phoniatrics of the Postgraduate Medical Institute in Prague.

Key organizer of the 21st World Congress of IALP in Prague in 1989.

Pioneered electromyography of laryngeal muscles & clinical application of videokymography.

2013 Honoured Members


–  ProfDolores Battle and Dr Ewa Söderpalm

For their outstanding accomplishments and tireless efforts for the promotion of international scholarly research collaboration

For their improvement of scientific communication