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FAQs from the Phoniatrics Committee

1. What is Phoniatrics?


Phoniatrics is the medical specialty of voice, speech, language, hearing and swallowing disorders.

The UEP/UEMS training logbook for Phoniatrics summarized the specialty as: “Phoniatrics is the medical field for communication disorders, concerned with functions and diseases of voice, speech, language, hearing(especially in so far as hearing impairment has its effects on any of the areas previously mentioned), and swallowing. In practise, Phoniatrics is a multidisciplinary discipline combining information from medical and non-medical sciences. In addition to general medical investigations and treatment procedures, Phoniatrics encloses complex competencies in the fields of cognition, learning abilities, psychological behaviour, and rehabilitation procedures. The most important medical fields for the clinical practise are otorhinolaryngology (ENT), neurology,neuropediatrics, (child) psychiatry, pediatrics, radiology, genetics, endocrinology, dentistry and gerontology. On the other hand, the fundamentals of many non-medical disciplines as, for instance, linguistics, phonetics, (neuro-) psychology, pedagogy, acoustics, informatics, and communication sciences are also necessary to be included in phoniatric training programmes.“

(Source: http://www.phoniatrics-uep.org/downloads/logbook-phoniatrics_uems_update2010.pdf)

2. Who can become a phoniatrician?


Precondition for a training in Phoniatrics is a complete medical study. In most countries phoniatricians need to undergo a training in Otorhinolaryngology before they can enter a phoniatrical fellowship. In Germany Otorhinolaryngology and Phoniatrics are considered as equivalent specialist disciplines.

3. Where can I get further information on the contest of a Phoniatrical specialization?


We would like to refer to the UEP/UEMS logbook of Phoniatrics:http://www.phoniatrics-uep.org/downloads/logbook-phoniatrics_uems_update2010.pdf.