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Affiliate Societies

List of International Affiliated Societies 2022

Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific Society of Speech, Language and Hearing (APSSLH)

President: Sue Ann Lee




Speech Pathology Australia (SPA)

President – Prof Timothy Kittel; Contact Nicole Pantalleresco




President – Karin Pfaller; Contact: Ms Katrin Chitil


Oesterreichische Gesellschaft für Logopadie, Phoniatrie u.Pädaudiologie (OEGLPP)

President – Prof Dr Berit Schneider-Stickler



Oesterreichische Gesellschaft für Hals, Nasen und Ohrenheilkunse (HNO)



Vlaamse Vereniging voor Logopedisten Belgium (VVL)

President – Ronny Boey


Union Professionnelle des Logopèdes Francophones (UPLF)




Sociedade Brasileira de Fonoaudiologia (SBFA)

President: Leonardo Lopez



Speech-Language & Audiology Canada (SAC)



The Chilean Association of Speech and Language Pathology

President: Felipe Inostroza; Contact Marcela Vega



Chinese Association of Speech, Language and Hearing



Croatian Logopedics Association (CLA)


SUVAG Polyclinic for the Rehabilitation of Listening and Speech

President: Katarina Pavicic Dokoza



Association of Registered Speech Language Pathologists of Cyprus (CARSLP)

President: Fofi Costantinidou – Contact: Vassilis Costantinides


In December of 1990, the Association of Speech-Language Pathologists-Speech Therapists in Cyprus was registered officially. Eleven years later, and after the vote from the House of Representatives in Cyprus on the About Registering Speech-Language Pathologists Law 136 (Ι)/2001, the Association was renamed to the Cyprus Association of Registered Speech-Language Pathologists (CARSLP). The profession of the SLP is part of the health professions and is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health.

Since 1996, the Association organized every year an “Awareness Week” with various events geared towards informing the public on matters of Speech and Language.  As of 2006, the “Awareness Week” was replaced by the “European Speech Therapy Day” which was established by the Standing Liaison Committee of Speech and Language Therapists/Logopedics in the European Union (CPLOL – today called ESLA) to take place every year on March 6.  Cyprus is represented in ESLA by two members since 1998.

The Association is also a member of IALP (International Association of Communication Sciences and Disorders).

At the moment, the Association has 637 registered members of whom 58% work in the private sector, 35% work at the Ministry of Education & Culture, 4% do not practice the profession, 2% work or study abroad and 1% work at the Ministry of Health.



Czech Republic

The Association of Clinical Logopedics in the Czech Republic (AKL CR)

President: Mgr. Barbora Richtrova-– Contact Ms Irena Sachova

The Association of Speech and Language Therapists of the Czech Republic (AKL CR) associates clinical speech therapists and speech therapists working in healthcare, included in pre-certification training in the field of clinical speech and language therapy. The goal of AKL CR is to protect the professional interests of clinical speech and language therapists, to develop the field of clinical speech and language therapy in the theoretical and practical level, to guarantee the professional level of education of clinical speech and language therapists so that clients are provided with services in accordance with current patient care standards.

AKL CR is a member of the international organization IALP  .AKL CR regularly participates in their meetings, participates in the coordination of international cooperation of experts in speech and language therapy, participates in professional meetings.

Once a year, usually in autumn, an annual AKL CR conference is held.


Audiologopædisk Forenings (ALF)



Egyptian Society for Phoniatrics and Logopedics (ESPL)






Estonia Logopedists Union (ELU)

Chair of the Board – Helje Moller




Puheen ja kielen tutkimuksen yhdistys ry (Finnish Association of Speech and Language Research)


The Finnish Association of Phoniatricians

President: Marja Asikainen; Contact- Miia Ruuskanen



Suomen Puheterapeuttiliitto ry (Finnish Association of Speech and Language Therapist)

President: Sirkku Ikonen-Hwang; Executive Manager Heta Piirto


The Finnish Association of Speech Therapists is a trade union responsible for advocating for the interests of speech therapists. It is founded in 1966. We supervise and promote the social, economic, professional and educational interests of our members. We act as a collegial liaison for speech therapists, and promote the professionalism and utilization of the expertise of speech therapists. In addition, we promote the practice of speech therapy nationally and the international cooperation of speech therapists.




Deutscher Bundesverband für Logopadie e.V. (DBL)

President: Dagmar Karrasch


The Deutscher Bundesverband fuer Logopaedie e.V. (dbl) is the professional association for logopedics (speech and language therapists) in Germany since 1964.

The dbl is by far the largest professional association in Germany, uniting all logopedics working in a variety of roles in the health care system, professional training and research. The dbl is a membership-driven organization supporting and representing up to 10,000 logopedics and affiliated professions working in the field of speech and language therapy.

The mission of the dbl is to promote the interests of and provide the highest quality services for professionals and advocate for people with speech, language, communication, voice, hearing and swallowing disabilities.






Association of Scientists of Speech Pathology and Speech Therapy of Greece (SELLE)

Chair of the Board: Mrs Fani Veliopoulou ; Contact person: Mrs Cristina Gh. Politi

The Association of Scientists of Speech Pathology – Speech Therapy of Greece (SELLE) is recognized by the legal council of the state of Greece as a representative association of Speech Language Therapists. It was founded in 2002 by graduates of the highest Technological Educational Institutes of Greece and is the most representative association of speech therapists in Greece. It is formed by university trained SLTs engaged in the field of speech and language therapy in Greece. They are currently working in hospitals, private clinics, private practice or schools for children with special needs, etc. The main mission of our Association is to provide advocacy for issues in speech and language disorders across the lifespan by promoting and supporting care, continuous education and professional development, research opportunities and awareness. SELLE’s Scientific Committee was established in 2009 as a means to promote Speech Therapy and create opportunities for the continuing education of clinician in Greece. During this period, SELLE’s Scientific Committee has organized and/or participated in numerous seminars, symposiums and conferences and promoted the publication of books and published scientific and informative articles. In order to promote Speech Therapy across the country, SELLE established the 11th of May as the National Day for Speech Therapy. Celebrations take place annually in all of the major cities, promoting Speech Therapy awareness to the local communities.



Panhellenic Association of Logopedics (PAL)

Αρχική Σελίδα


Hong Kong

The Education University of Hong Kong, Department of Special Education & Counselling




The Icelandic Association of Speech Therapists (FTI)



Dr S R Chandrasekhar Institute of Speech & Hearing


All India Institute of Speech and Hearing (AIISH)


The Irish Association of Speech and Language Therapists (IASLT)




The Israeli Speech, Hearing and Language Association (ISLHA)

President Dr Osnat Segal – Contact  Zohar Lerer Patkin


ISHLA  (Israel Speech, Hearing & Language Association) strives for professional excellence and rigorous adherence to ethical codes and standards, and is committed to protecting the interests of our patients as well as those of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists.

Our mission:

  1. To constitute the largest, leading and representative organization of SLPs and audiologists in Israel
  2. Develop and deepen the quality and professional level of SLPs by developing and holding courses, workshops, seminars, interest groups, position papers, etc.

3.Formulate, disseminate and uphold the rules of ethics and professional integrity of SLPs

  1. Maintain the freedom of occupation of SLPs.
  2. To work for the strengthening of the status of SLPs and the profession of communication disorders in Israel, and to initiate amendments to legislation, writing procedures and regulations, etc.
  3. Strengthen the relationship between the association, which represents the SLPs, and organizations from the fields of academia, government, associations and public and private organizations.
  4. Act to promote and encourage clinical research in the field of communication disorders in Israel.




Japan Society of Logopedics and Phoniatrics (JSLP)


The Japanese Association of Communication Disorders (JACD)

President: Dr. Hiroyo Yoshihata



Japanese Association of Speech-Language-Hearing Therapists (JAS)

President: Dr. Junichi Fukaura







Lithuanian Logopedists Association

President: Vilma Makauskiene





Macau Deaf Association

President: Mr Kam Sun Wong; Contact: Ms Chao Man Leong





Malaysian Association of Speech-Language and Hearing (MASH)





Association of Speech- Language Pathologists – Malta (ASLP)

President: Ms Norma Camilleri Contact : Ms Jessica Mifsud

ASLP a recognised professional association of Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) in Malta. It is the only professional body, which brings together qualified SLPs in Malta and students studying to qualify in the field of Communication Therapy. ASLP’s mission is to promote the profession and ensure highest quality services through safeguarding the code of ethics, updating professional standards and creating opportunities for continuous professional development. We are affiliated members of the Malta Health Network (MHN), the Malta Federation of Professional Associations (MFPA), the European Speech and Language Association (ESLA) and the International Association of Logopedics and Phoniatrics (IALP). We are actively involved in MFPA and ESLA and are also represented in the Civil Society Committee of Malta. ASLP boasts a good network of communication with other local organisations, especially those which are health-related. ASLP provides multiple learning opportunities for Speech Language Pathologists as well as the general public through regular webinars.





Nederlandse Vereniging voor Logopedie en Foniatrie (NVLF)

President: Mr Michel Dutre; Contact: Ms Caroline Homan




Nederlandse Vereniging voor Stem-, Spraak- en Taalpathologie (NVSST)



New Zealand


New Zealand Speech-Language Therapists’ Association (NZSTA)

President: Annette Rotherham – Contact Name: Siobhan Molloy


New Zealand Audiological Society (NZAS)

President: Katrina Light; Executive Director – Helen Sullivan


The New Zealand Audiological Society is the professional body for audiologists and audiometrists in New Zealand. We are committed to excellence in hearing health care and enabling people with hearing and balance disorders to fully participate in their communities.  We do this through setting ethical and professional standards of practice for our members and advocating on hearing health care matters.





Norsk Logopedlag (NLL)





Philippine Association of Speech Pathologists (PASP)

President: Tinnah Balazuela Contact: Julie Rimando;






Associacao Portuguesa de Terapeutas da Fala (APTF)

President: Joao Mira Torres




Asociatia Specialistilor in Terapia Tulburarilor De Limbaj Din Romania (ASTTLR)





Slovenian Association of Logopedics (DLogS)


South Africa


South African Speech Language Hearing Association (SASLHA)

President – Erika Bostock





Association Espanola de Logopedia Foniatria y Audiologia (AELFA)

President: Lidia Rodriguez; Contact – Carmen Suria


Asociación de Logopedas de España (ALE)

President: Ismael Fuentes-Cortes; Contact – Salvi Pardo




Svensk Intresseförening för Tal & Språk (SITS)

President: Annelie Westlund

Välkommen till SITS!

The Swedish Interest Association for Speech & Language, SITS works to spread knowledge in the areas of speech, language, communication and voice, mainly with a focus on children and young people. SITS also works to support and promote scientific and sound organizational development within its field of activity and to serve as a voice for the various professional categories




Conférence des Associations Professionnelles  Suisses de Logopédistes (CAPSL)

President: Inez Conzett; Contact Joelle Pitteloud




The Speech-Language-Hearing Association Taiwan (TSLHA)







The Ukraine Speech and Language Therapy Association

President: Oksana Lyalka


United Arab Emirates


Emirates Speech Language Pathology Society


United Kingdom


The British Voice Association (BVA)

President: Louise Gibbs; Contact Ms Jackie Ellis



The Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists (RCSLT)

Chairperson : Mary Heritage – CEO Kamini Gadhok

The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists is the professional body for people working in or studying speech and language therapy in the UK.  We support speech and language therapists by providing leadership, setting professional standards, facilitating research and promoting better education and training.  Our vision is to create a world where everyone with communication and swallowing needs can live up to their full potential.


United States of America


American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)

CEO- Vicki R. Deal-Williams

ASHA is the national professional, scientific, and credentialing association for 218,000 members and affiliates who are audiologists; speech-language pathologists; speech, language, and hearing scientists; audiology and speech-language pathology support personnel; and students. Audiologists specialize in preventing and assessing hearing and balance disorders as well as providing audiologic treatment, including hearing aids. Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) identify, assess, and treat speech, language, and swallowing disorders.