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IALP Procedures for Composium/Special Events


Proposals for composiums or special events must be submitted to the President Elect for approval at least 6 months before the date of the event. The President-Elect will review the proposal and forward it to the Executive Committee who will review and make a decision regarding approval of the proposal within 30 days of submission.


The proposal should include:

  1. Name of the Committee Chair/IALP Board member who will be responsible for the event
  2. Name of the local organisation /organizers taking responsibility for assistance with on-site arrangements at the planned venue
  3. The objective of the event should take forward the vision and mission of  IALP–
  4. Description of the event (title, the main topic, goals, format, speakers, anticipated audience, etc.,) approximately 2 A4 sheets
  5. The proposed budget which should include: The anticipated income and expenses including local financial support/sponsorship, IALP funds being requested, local charges, estimated break even points
  6. Plans for promoting the event

Profits. Once expenses are reimbursed, profits should be split between IALP and the local organizing group. 50% of the surplus or 2.5% of the income of the composium, whichever is the larger, should be forwarded to the IALP general operating funds following the composium not later than 6 months after the event. The other 50% goes to a Special Committee budget line or split with the local IALP Affiliated Society, should this be involved. In the event of losses being incurred, these would not be covered by the IALP but would be the responsibility of the Committee Chair and/or the local organisation. 


If the composium proposal is approved IALP will provide, if the need is identified in the budget, a lump sum ( guideline of the amount is €1250) approved for use as seed fund or setup money. Following the composium, a detailed accounting report should be presented to the IALP treasurer, not later than 6 months after the event. 


2 August 2010

Revised February 2011

Revised February 2017

Revised July 2017

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